Rail Passes


Trenord passes allow for unlimited travel by train from one origin to one destination, during the specific period of validity.

  •          Weekly passes [purchasable from the Thursday before the week of validity]
  •          Monthly passes [purchasable from the 22nd of the day before]
  •          Annual passes [purchasable from the 22nd of the day before]


The TrenoCittà passes are integrated monthly passes enabling passengers to travel by train to a main provincial town and use its urban public transport. 

Available online: TrenoBergamo, TrenoBrescia, TrenoComo, TrenoCremona, TrenoLodi, TrenoMantova, TrenoMilano, TrenoPavia, and TrenoVarese.


Io Viaggio Ovunque in Provincia is an integrated monthly pass for travel on public transport services in each province: Milano and Monza Brianza*, Como, Lecco, Lodi, Sondrio, Varese, Cremona, Mantova, Pavia, Bergamo and Brescia.

Monthly with 3 fare levels:

  • Como, Lecco, Lodi, Sondrio, Varese [€75]
  • Cremona, Mantova, Pavia [€81]
  • Bergamo, Brescia, Milano and Monza Brianza [€86]


Io Viaggio Ovunque in Lombardia is an integrated pass for travel on the entire local public transport network in the Lombardy Region.

  • Weekly [€43]
  • Monthly [€107]
  • Quarterly [€308]
  • Annual [€1027,50]


Activate the pass at a turnstile or validation machine at the station selected at the time of purchase. Activation is compulsory and must be carried out at the station selected during the purchase procedure within 5 days of purchase for monthly and annual passes and within 3 days for weekly passes.
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